Benefit of Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

benefit of Facebook advertising , there is lots of way to advertise . basically the medium of advertising in the language of marketers
you will select as per your budget or audience you want to target. this thing is the major selecting
factor for marketers and business owners or you can say agencies.

marketing agecies which is work in marketing side for the business those want great campaigs for
the brand.lets take a look at the medium which mostly used in classic times .

like newspaper which is famous source of marketing , some of marketers thing newspaper advertising
generate more brand impact then any other source of marketing .

other then newspaper tv advertisng is great option to target all kind of audience at a once.
most of food product or consumers electronics company used this method to target ­čÄ» the audience .
in case of budget this alternative is not good for you have small budget for advertising.

most cases of tv advertising is involed more then one people in advertisng work . its require more
humans in working then in newspapre of diigtal advertsing.

you have limited option of advertisng media. like you need video with good voice.
to fill this criteria you have to make it possible that your are recording video with good background and
natural looking theme.

you might need actor for your ads you can take any models in the video. but this video making not
possible without advertsing video creation agency .

those agiences make more profit then the advertiser need actors , video recording professionals.
video post production to take out error . voice over man.for all this thing you need to big budget.

in contrast with digital marketing you dont need to have any big budget . in case of media you acan create
yourself. no need of professional designer or any agency.

why this thing is easy because everything happen on the computer inside a software or digital environment.

billion of people now active on social media . as per statista report 890 million people login every day on Facebook

facebook platform is three in one social media giant , which consist top three social media app
first is facebook . second is instagram last and most used app is whatsapp.

right now whatsappp does not have any advertising media to reach audience .

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