How to Start A New Business & Create A Monopoly

Now in this pandemic most of people have lost jobs and some people lost their business due to lock-down imposed by government.don’t worry there still some companies and smart people making money in the pandemic , now you see in the news that apple has crossed more then 2 trillion US $ in market capitalization this companies making money in the lock down.

Now we going to discussed same in this gave every one a chance to capture the market.if you have invested 1000 dollar in apple company in start of 2019 your investment will be more then 4 million in 2020 on this stage.use of mobiles phones , technology , tools in increasing not your personal life but every sector of industry.

every year California alone produce more then 1/3 of commercial products in the market.still in America lots of people are job less.investing in future will make you more stable then conventional business, now china is dominating AI And Telecom Business china sale more then 73% of mobile phones to 160+ Countries,china has produced cheapest and costliest mobile in the market today.

Mi Mobiles And Apple both are manufactured in china.we are not going to tell you do the same , other start blogging or become a social media inferencer. our advice is to capture customers demand and design a monopoly . like google captured the future in 2006 when they started google search .right now they have more then 73 Billion US$ in revenue from google search business.

idea is to capture the market and expand your territory.if design a social media website you have huge user waiting to signup, but why they gonna sign up in website , they will if you have tiktock like features which make user more addictive to app.this is the same how Snap-Chat beat Instagram gained popularity with 1.2 Billion user in play store.

there is lots of business you can start but every business have competition , only way is to win follow innovation.

Apps Based Business You Can Start Right Away By Ordering A App Development on Upwork or Fiverr . you can get a ready to published app in just 500 US$ . if you need a quality code order from european or american developer in 1000$ for the will find many developers online on facebook , instagram , behance, dribbble,

Apps are famous this days on the playstore

Delivery based app : Like GRAB , INSTACART , DoorDash, and Many More.

Kids Fun Apps : Online Education Market Place . When Tutor And Student Register For Education. Like Udemy , Coursera , Khan Academy. Don’t Worry About Content Everything is available with the Dollar.

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