Biden ad hits Trump for downplaying coronavirus as U.S. cases climbed – Business

Former Vice President Joe Biden released tweeted a new video on Thursday that juxtaposed Trump’s words about the coronavirus threat with the increasing number of U.S. cases.It previews a possible line of attack that Democrats would wield against Trump during the general election.In the video, Trump is seen saying “We have it totally under control” in a January 22 interview on CNBC, as superimposed text shows the first U.S. reported case of the coronavirus.Other clips juxtapose his remarks over the next several weeks as the total number of U.S. cases climbs.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Former Vice President Joe Biden has released a video slamming Donald Trump for his response to the coronavirus crisis by placing the president’s comments about the outbreak alongside the rising tally of U.S.
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